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How do I connect to my account via FTP?

This example will use WS_FTP as an example.

Open your WS_FTP application.

Create a new profile. To do this, Press the u>w > button.

Under "Profile Name", enter in your company name or simply your domain name.

Enter your IP address in the field named "Host Name/Address:".

Now enter your login on your account in the box corresponding with "User ID".

Enter /public_html where it asks for the initial remote directory

Enter your account password in the field named "Password".

Finally, make sure that the "Anonymous" box is not checked. You may choose to select the box entitled "Save Pwd" this will store your password for future use.

Now press the "OK" button near the bottom left of the window and you will automatically be logged into your account via FTP.

Can I use my domain name or must I use the IP address as the hostname for FTP?

Using the IP address is the preferred entry for the hostname, but will also work. Its is preferable to use the IP address.
Using the IP address gets rid of unnecessary DNS traffic. The reasons are small but it is still best to use the IP address as the hostname.

Where do I upload all of the files pertaining to my website?

You need to upload files pertaining to your website to your public_html directory inside the root of your account. Files uploaded below your public_html directory, such as in the root of your account or in your FTP directory will not be accessible with a web browser.

What are all of the files and directories I see when I log in?

Upon logging into your account, you are restricted to only your account and cannot move outside of your account. When you log in, you are in what is known as the "root" of your account. You will see the directory: /home/USERNAME/ - this is known as the web root.

Your HTML files should be uploaded into the /home/USERNAME/public_html/ folder.  Any files not placed in this directory will not be accessible with a web browser.

You will also see other folders:

.neomail - Do not make any changes to this folder - it contains configuration files for every e-mail account you have set up.

mail - Do not make any changes to this folder either - it contains your e-mails.

public_ftp - This is your FTP folder that anonymous users can upload to.  The benefit of using this folder is that your main web site files cannot be affected.

public_html - As mentioned above, all of your web files should be placed in this folder.

tmp - Do not make any changes to this folder - your web statistics are stored in this folder and are used when you view your stats from cPanel.

www - This is exactly the same as the public_html folder.